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We screw-clamp the mesh to give it enormous strength under attack.
Crimsafe is the only security screen in Australia using screw-clamp technology. Security mesh is screwed into the frame with tamper resistant screws that go right through a metal clamp, through the mesh and into the frame.When screwed down into place, special teeth in the screw-clamp and frame “bite down” on the profile of the mesh to grip it tightly. This gets repeated every 125mm around the frame. The patented screw-clamp hooks into the frame and with its lever action creating a “single frame member” effect, meaning impacts are absorbed by spreading the load around the whole frame. The result gives Crimsafe its enormous strength against attack.

Thicker Mesh

Crimsafe 304 Security Mesh is .9mm thick so it’s harder to cut or break.
Crimsafe uses structural grade 304 stainless steel mesh as it is the stronger mesh over competitor products able to withstand more force and more resistant under knife attack. The mesh is thick too. At .9mm in diameter, Crimsafe’s Tensile Tuff security mesh is extremely strong and hard to cut or penetrate. Crimsafe mesh has 26.5% more cross-sectional area than other products, to ensure it is stronger. It resists corrosion in coastal areas and harsh environments, and carries a powerful Category 4 Cyclone ballistics rating further proving its strength. Tensile Tuff has been developed specifically for use as a security screen product whilst still making an effective insect screen that looks great both from the inside and out. Made from 304 stainless steel wire, it has a special high tensile and elongation factor which gives it strength and the ability to be woven into a very tight, aesthetically pleasing mesh.

Category 4 Cyclone Missile and Ballistics test.

Test Part 1: A 4kg piece of wood is smashed into the screen at 20 metres per second. This is the equivalent of 72 kilometres per hour. The impact is deafening. The force is incredible. But the mesh does not break.

Test Part 2: 5 steel balls, each weighing 2 grams (almost as much as a .22 caliber bullet) and almost a centimetre in diameter are fired at the mesh at 108 kilometres per hour – 30 metres per second.

  • TEst part 1 100% 100%
  • TEst part 2 100% 100%

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