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Is Crimsafe worth the money?
Many people want to ask, and want to know the answer to this question.

Crimsafe screens can withstand an impact test that is 5 times that of the Australian Standard. Crimsafe imitation screens or inferior brands are not as strong, with this video showing how criminals were able to gain entry to this home using imitation Crimsafe in under 6 seconds.

Crimsafe is resistant to knife attacks with its industry leading 304 grade high tensile structural grade stainless steel security mesh that is up to 26% thicker than competitor mesh.

Crimsafe passes all lever attack tests. There are no weak points for criminals to try and lever attack to gain access.

Crimsafe’s unique screw-clamp technology guarantees the mesh cannot be pulled from the frame.

Plus it’s energy efficient, designed for Australian conditions, protects in storms and cyclones, adds value to your home and offers peace of mind. Is Crimsafe worth the money? Yes, it is.

How safe is Crimsafe?

There is no question as to how tough this product is to break through, see Impact Test Results for further information. However there is a question as to whether it is easy to get past. This then comes down to install and we do not put this product on just to give an appearance of security. To really make it secure requires some time and special fixings….and often a bit of ingenuity.

In my opinion as a Crimsafe specialist, it is highly important to have this product fitted properly.

Do you have Afterpay available for Crimsafe?

Yes we do. We offer afterpay finance for Crimsafe security. Just ask our friendly staff. 

The mesh looks dark. Can we see through it? Will it let enough light in?
During the day, light is shining outside of your home. This means that when standing on the outside and viewing into your home, the screen appears to be solid black. However, from the inside of your home and looking out, you actually look straight through the mesh. It almost becomes invisible.

The best way to understand this is to get a sample and put it on a window then step back about 4-5 metres. You will notice the mesh actually starts to disappear. Also, the solid black appearance from the outside looking in is great for privacy.

Does the mesh come in any other colours?
The mesh only comes in one colour – black. This is because your brain registers black in a different way to other colours. Ask an art student and they will say that black is not a colour. It depends where the light is and how far away you are to the mesh. In our experience it actually lets more light in than the old ‘diamond mesh’, and after a while you don’t notice it.
Will it let the breeze through?
Crimsafe was designed to let the breeze in and to be secure. It does both these things exceptionally well.
I’ve been told Crimsafe rusts?

Early versions of Crimsafe had an issue called ‘electrolysis’ which is the chemical reaction of two dissimilar metals. It is not rust. It causes a white powder to appear on the join between the mesh and frame…this is the aluminium frame corroding as it is the ‘less noble’ of the metals. The root cause is actually moisture which was trapped in the foam tape used at the time. Crimsafe has since changed the tape to a neoprene bead on the outside and a closed cell tape called ‘Tessa tape’ on the inside. We at Activate Security also add a teflon coat to each screw hole as it is assembled as well so we can disperse the moisture completely.

The real truth is that ALL THE STAINLESS PRODUCTS have to deal with this issue and we have seen all of the products on the market react to electrolysis.

The key to long life in the Crimsafe product is partly the up to date manufacturing methods and partly in keeping them clean.

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