The online sale of products claiming to be Crimsafe security mesh has recently been reported by Crimsafe.

Please be mindful that these items may not be genuine Crimsafe.

To determine if the product purchased is actually Crimsafe, check the product has the distinctive screw-clamp system in the rear where the stainless steel mesh meets the frame. Also, request the seller provides you with the original invoice from an authorised Crimsafe licensee.

Crimsafe is a high level security product and to ensure the best fit possible, the Crimsafe product should be custom measured and installed by a Licensed Crimsafe dealer.

A security product that is not custom made to fit the opening by an experienced professional, is unlikely to provide the level of security needed.

Further information if you have been misled

Crimsafe takes the security of your family very seriously and they may be able to assist if you have purchased a product that was advertised to be Crimsafe but actually may not be. For further assistance go to and send Crimsafe an email under “Contact”. Or phone Crimsafe direct on (07) 5540 7588.

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