Single Hinged Door

Activate Security installers have incredible attention to detail ensuring we achieve an excellent product and fit for your home. A hinged front door fitted with Crimsafe will impress your welcomed guests with its stylish finish whilst sending an even more powerful message to potential burglars: keep out.

Doors are usually measured by a laser to ascertain whether the doorway is square. We can manufacture out of square to a degree but it may be better to fit a Jamb Adaptor if the doorway is too far out. All doors are manufactured with an Austral HD8 ‘Parrot Beak’ Triple lock and three Whitco pronged hinges as standard.

Keeps your home secure

Stylish and high quality finish adding to the look of your home

Keep out insects

Able to still view the outside area through the mesh

Reduces visibility from the outside in, adding to your privacy

Can fit a pet door

Easy open/close and lock/unlock action

Guaranteed for ten years  

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