Staying calm is key to ensuring offenders leave the premises without injuring or harming anyone.

Staff need to be CODE (Calm, Obey, Description, Evidence) trained prior to any incident, so they can be prepared if they are a victim of an armed robbery.

Calm – Stay away from the personal space of the offender

Obey – Instructions and do not make any sudden or unexpected movements

Description – Take note of the offender’s features including clothing, scars, tattoos, height, hair colour, accent and speech

Evidence – Remember what is touched by the offender and do not touch it yourself

After a hold-up:

1. Call police. Give your name, address, premise details, description of the offender and vehicle, and direction of travel

2. Close the premises. Section it off. Ensure public cannot access the area.

3. Ask witnesses to remain until police arrive

After the incident it may be wise to consider counselling. Contact your doctor or local police station for further information.

Source: Northside Chronicle Brisbane, Wednesday May 11 2011